Aizoaceae is a large family of dicotyledonous flowering plants containing 135 genera and about 1800 species. Often known as ice plants, carpet weeds and, stone plants. They resemble stones and are sometimes called mesembs. The common Afrikaans name vygie, which means “small fig”, refers to the fruiting capsule, which is shaped like a fig. The glistening epidermal bladder cells give the family its common name, ice plants.

The majority of the species in this family are endemic to the arid or semiarid regions of Southern Africa in the Succulent Karoo.

Monilaria Moniliformis / Monilaria obconica


Bunny Succulents – Monilaria Moniliformis / Monilaria obconica

If you love succulents and you love cute things, you need bunny succulents. Lots of them.

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