The Diverse and Vibrant Aizoaceae Succulents

The Aizoaceae family is renowned for its incredible adaptation to dry environments and its stunning floral displays. This family includes diverse genera such as the colorful Mesembryanthemum and the intriguing Lithops, commonly known as ‘Living Stones.’ These succulents are celebrated for their unique appearances, ranging from ground-hugging mats to pebble-like structures designed to conserve water.

Monilaria Moniliformis / Monilaria obconica

Bunny Succulents – Monilaria Moniliformis / Monilaria obconica

Bunny succulents are a must if you love succulents and cute things. These bunny ear succulents you've seen on Instagram are called Monilaria Moniliformis / Monilaria obconica. There has been a spike in popularity around Easter time, and they have gone viral a few times.

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