Unique Rosettes from Diverse Climates

The Aeonium genus, primarily from the Canary Islands with extensions into Madeira, Morocco, and East Africa, stands out in the succulent world for its rosette-shaped foliage and variety of forms. These succulent plants feature waxy, spirally arranged leaves in shades ranging from deep green to rich burgundy. Aeoniums are versatile, growing as compact ground rosettes or branching shrubs. They’re particularly notable for their dramatic monocarpic flowering. Adapting well to Mediterranean climates, Aeoniums are perfect for adding an exotic touch to gardens and container arrangements, combining ease of care with striking aesthetics.

Aeonium Arboreum Zwartkop Care Guide

Dark Succulents for Plant Goths

Plant goths and Halloween lovers unite! If you are in the market for black or spooky succulents, this is a list of visually interesting succulents that will match your Plant Goth Aesthetic.

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