Succulent Root Rot

Root rot is a range of diseases that affect the roots of a plant. Generally, the symptoms of succulent root rot only become apparent once the disease has advanced enough to show above the soil line. Root rot typically happens when water & bacteria affect a wound in the succulent stems or roots.

How do I know if my succulent has root rot?

When root rot first begins, it is typically only visible under the soil level. Once the root rot has advanced, you will start to see it affecting the stem and leaves above the soil line.

Signs of succulent root rot:

  • Roots usually turn soft, change colors, typically brown or black.
  • Stems start becoming soft, translucent, or dark.
  • Yellowing of leaves and leaves may start to fall off the stem.
  • Leaves start turning soft and begin to turn to mush.
  • Leaves that are beginning to look translucent.

How do you treat root rot on succulents?

Once the stem and leaves start showing the signs of root rot, it may be difficult to save your succulent from root rot. However, you can try the following steps to treat the symptoms and hopefully save your succulent.

Cactus roots

Root Rot:

Remove your succulent from the pot. Remove as much soil as possible. Shaking off the soil or using a brush to help remove the soil. Examine the roots, if they are moldy, mushy, or easily coming off of the succulent, cut them off with a sterile cutting tool of your choice.

Once you remove the rotting roots, rinse the old soil off and fully dry out the succulent. Do not water the succulent until you see new roots starting to form.

Stem Rot:

Stem rot is when he rot is above the soil line and the stem is showing signs of discoloration, mush, or translucency. To save the succulent you must make your cuttings above the unhealthy stem and propagate the cuttings.

Your cuttings should be firm and healthy-looking. TIP: Cut above and around the rot. Make sure to clean and sterilize your cutting tool, before and after you use them on unhealthy succulents.

Place your cuttings in a shallow container filled with succulent soil. Place your cuttings on top of the soil, then let your cuttings callous for a few days before watering.

propagating succulents in tray

Keep the container away from direct sunlight and mist when the soil is dry. I usually mist my props every few days to keep the soil moist.

Can a succulent recover from root rot?

Some succulents do recover from root rot. But it depends on how far the rot has spread. Sometimes the only thing you can do to save a succulent is to propagate it.

How to prevent root rot?

succulent care tips for reducing root rot

It is much easier to prevent root rot than it is to treat it. Here are tips to help prevent your succulents from getting root rot.

  1. Do not overwater your succulent.
  2. Use well-draining soil meant for succulents.
  3. Use containers that have drainage holes.
  4. Water only when you succulent needs water.

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