Whimsical and Rare Succulents

Monilaria, a rare and intriguing genus native to South Africa, is celebrated for its unique, bead-like leaves and whimsical growth habits. Known for their seasonal transformations, some species develop elongated extensions resembling rabbit ears. These succulents thrive in well-draining soil with careful watering, making them a distinctive choice for collectors seeking unusual and charming plants.

Monilaria Moniliformis / Monilaria obconica

Bunny Succulents – Monilaria Moniliformis / Monilaria obconica

Bunny succulents are a must if you love succulents and cute things. These bunny ear succulents you've seen on Instagram are called Monilaria Moniliformis / Monilaria obconica. There has been a spike in popularity around Easter time, and they have gone viral a few times.

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