Succulent Trends

Some people seem to have a hard time believing that they can grow succulents. But growing succulents is not that hard once you know what you’re doing. If you already have succulents, their growth will be even easier. Here I will show you succulent trends, help you identify your new favorite succulent, and give you some useful information on how to care for your succulents.

14 Popular Flowering Succulents - with Images

14 Popular Flowering Succulents – with Pictures

Succulents are very popular at the moment and for good reason too. They come in a huge range of colors and shapes There is no doubt that succulents are a hot trend right now. They are available in a variety of colors and shapes and make wonderful indoor plants.

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Succulent Pumpkin Table Arrangement

Make a Succulent Pumpkin Arrangement

Don't settle for a regular jack-o'-latern this year, make succulent topped pumpkins that can decorate your front steps or your fall themed dinners.

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Aeonium Arboreum Zwartkop Care Guide

Dark Succulents for Plant Goths

Plant goths and Halloween lovers unite! If you are in the market for black or spooky succulents, this is a list of visually interesting succulents that will match your Plant Goth Aesthetic.

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String of Dolphins

String of Dolphins: Trendy and Adorable

In the enchanting world of succulents, the Senecio Peregrinus, commonly known as the ‘String of Dolphins’, stands out with its unique charm. This captivating succulent is cherished by plant enthusiasts for its distinctive appearance and easy-care nature.

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